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Shanghai Xujing TIAN TIAN RUBBER & Plastic Co.Ltd. abbreviated as TIAN TIAN RUBBER, is a professional manufacturer of rubber seal with more than 20-year experiences. We started rubber seal manufacturing since 1993 in Shanghai, China. Now we have expanded into a variety of rubber compound in molding, extruding, and rubber to metal bonding with THREE factories. Mainly serving the industries of automotive, pump and valve, piping and many others.For your reference, we would like to present you SOFIMA as our main customer in automotive filter industry and TYCO, TOMOE, GEMU as our long-term partner in valve industry. We are now looking for customers who highly value the quality and expect for happy long-term relationship with us for win-win results.

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We started rubber seal manufacturing since 1993 in Shanghai, China.

Sponge Rubber
The sponge rubber can be presented in rolls, strips, sheets or cut pieces. The minimum thickness of the sheets we have is 2mm. To cater for your specific needs, we can also have them stamped, punched into different shapes or even make them one-sided self-adhesive finish as an assembly aid. All sponge rubber supplied is in black color.Materials available: EPDM, Silicone
Extruded Rubber
The extruded rubber can be made in solid or sponge material. Its form can be customized as per your provided drawing. But for any customized shape, we will request you to reach our MOQ as 50KG per each order.Materials available: EPDM, Silicone, FKM, Neoprene (CR), Nitrile (NBR)
Compression Molding Rubber
The rubber compression molding process, the most popular molding process, begins with a piece of uncured rubber which has been performed to a controlled weight and shape. This preform is placed directly into the rubber mold cavity prior to mold closure. As the mold is closed, the material is compressed between the plates causing the compound to flow to fills the cavity. The material is held in the mold under high pressure and elevated temperature to activate the cure system in the rubber compound (rubber is vulcanized). The cycle time is established to reach an optimal level of cure. At the end of the cycle, the parts are removed or ejected from the cavities and the next cycle begins. Compression mold process is a good manufacturing choice for large parts, parts that do not require tight tolerances, and low production quantities. Our compression molding capabilities range from 24” x 24” up to 80” x 80”, with tonnage (clamping force) of 100 to 2000 tons.
Injection Molding Rubber
With injection molding, rubber is pre-heated before being injected into the mold. Since it is pre-heated, the rubber flows more readily into the mold, allowing for higher cure temperatures, shortening the curing cycle. Injection molding presses provide tight clamping, which results in little or no flash. Parts manufactured using injection molding may not require additional finishing. The process is used for high production runs and parts that require tighter tolerances. Our injection press capabilities range from 24” x 24” up to 48” x 72”, with tonnage (clamping force) of 100 to 500 tons.
Transfer Molding Rubber
Rubber transfer molding uses a process similar to compression molding, but has a transfer system on the top of the mold that feeds the rubber into multiple mold cavities when the press is closed. This allows for more efficient processing – tool and material loading times are reduced. It is used for large parts, parts that do not require tight tolerances, and higher production runs than compression molding. Our transfer molding press capabilities for our compression line range from 12” x 12” on the low end, up to and including 85” x 108” on the high end, with various press sizes in between.
PTFE Bonded
PTFE Coated
Metal Bonded
Adhesive Rubber with 3M Backed
Custom Molded Shapes
The rubber can be molded into any shape with our custom molding process. All you need to do is to forward your drawings for our team evaluation. We will not only offer you the solution of rubber material but also recommend you the right mold structure to ensure rubber products of high precision, low waste, and near flash-less out of the mold.
An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring. It is used primarily for sealing to prevent the loss of a fluid or gas. It may be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring. Besides the geometric configuration, the compound of the seal is also very critical. We have abundant ready compounds to choose, and to cater for the needs of your particular application, our formula engineer can develop special compound with distinct properties as well. Material available: EPDM, Silicone, FKM, NBR, HNBR, XNBR, SBR, CR, NR, ACM, AEM, AFLAS, IIR, PU, ECO
Die Cut Rubber
We manufacture a variety of custom die-cut gaskets, bushings, and washers. Our punch presses can die-cut parts up to 24" in width. We use all types of dense, sponge, and adhesive backed material for die cutting. Although we manufacture parts to exact customer drawings, design and consulting services are provided as well.Material form: solid and sponge
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    Holiday Notification Due to the Spring Festival in China, we will have the holidays from Jan. 25th to Feb. 4th. Any assistance needed during this period, please feel free to drop email at shttrubber@126.com. Thank you so much for your attention and sincerely wish you a happy new year! Details
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    Shanghai Xujing Tian Tian Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. Announcement for New Logo To promote corporate image, meet the needs of globalization and diverse marketing demands for future development, Shanghai Xujing Tian Tian Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. decided to launch the new logo since May 1st, 2015. Comparison of New Logo and Previous Logo: Details